At Hyperion, our team brings a fresh perspective to the production process; as a reliable partner, our clients and collaborators attest that we are committed to providing a space built on integrity, respect, and camaraderie. We believe the details matter. In pre-production, we lay a strong foundation for success. By sourcing the right team members for the job, we align creative requirements with each project’s budget and timeline. On-set, our seasoned production team works hand-in-hand with each creative department, ensuring we capture visually stunning results and share back memorable, high-quality deliverables. Our productions are first-class and smooth from start to finish.

Pre production - How we support
  • Carefully crafted budgets
  • Creative location scouting
  • Negotiating best rates
  • Open-communication
  • A solution-oriented approach
First class team - What we deliver
  • High-quality on-location production
  • Safety-first on-set attitude
  • Positive, clear communication
  • Professionalism, focus and timeliness on set
Post production - What to expect
  • Hands-on collaboration
  • Flexible response to client needs
  • Regular updates throughout editing process
  • On-time delivery of final assets

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