We have a 14K sq foot cyclorama studio in Los Angeles. As a studio built by production professionals, our space is designed to make life easier for talent, crews, and clients. Beyond the primary function as a commercial shoot space, the space is well-equipped for castings, wardrobe fittings, basecamp, workshops, offsite meetings, live events, and more.

Our spaces
  • Two stages: 14,000 sq. feet of studio space. Sound stage featuring a 40 foot cyc and multiple client areas. Photo stage featuring private offices and flexible workspace.
  • VIP Rooms: flexible spaces furnished with modern furniture for elevated client holding, celebrity green room, conference meetings, and more.
  • VIP Executive: A private office with multiple workstations, a modern lounge area, and dining area fit for filing or clients who need to work on-site.
  • Test Kitchen: A fully-equipped industrial kitchen with exposed brick and stainless steel appliances designed for easy filming.
our amenities
  • Secure Parking: For our clients, only the best. The VIP parking is in a gated lot steps away from the front door of the space.
  • Easy Load-In: Our roll-up elephant door opens directly from the parking lot into our cyc space, making load-in convenient and safe.
  • Equipment: Our inventory of production supplies includes everything you need, from additional cameras to Profoto lighting equipment.
  • Transportation: Vans, picture cars, and trucks are available upon request, as well as courier services.
  • Our spacious studio is the perfect space for big creative!

  • We loved producing recent campaigns for RCA Records, Solawave, PAX, and Casio on our cyc stage.


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